Working with Us

Getting a quote

For many of our products it is not possible to produce a price list – there are just too many variables – so please contact us with details of your project.

For us to be able to quote you should be very clear about what you want, and it helps a lot if you can send us a finished file, or even an early draft.

We will respond promptly and will probably be able to offer you an excellent price. Because this is an educational enterprise, all our products are VAT exempt.

Sending us things

You can email files to us:

Or if your file is too large to email, please use – this is free and very easy to use.

Please do not use other file transfer services (such as DropBox or SkyDrive) because most of these are blocked by Treloar’s academic internet filter.

Helpful hints

  • Pdf files work best for us, as they usually avoid problems with software compatibility, fonts, page-breaks etc. If you have a file that is too large to email, please use
  • If you are sending us a file that you hope is finished and ‘print ready’ – please check the basics:

    • Is the page size actually the size you want?
    • For a stapled booklet, is the number of pages a multiple of four?
    • Are the images or photos you have used OK to be used? Think about copyright.
    • Have you decided how many you want and on what paper or card?
  • If you are expecting us to print ‘colour to the edge’, can you supply a file with ‘bleed’ and with ‘crop marks’? Please check with us if you are not sure.

Photo credit Megan Reid