Pastoral Care

Understanding and caring

At Treloar's we think emotional health is just as important as physical health and academic achievement. The School provides a busy and stimulating environment and students arrive here at an important time in their personal development.

Behavioural and Emotional Support Team (BEST)

BEST is a virtual team of professionals that helps Treloar's students when emotional or behavioural problems arise. BEST comprises counselors, an educational psychologist, nurses and others. Staff can consult any member of the team at any time. The BEST team do not always work directly with students but they will often advise the Multi-Disciplinary team who will then work with the student to help them deal with the student to help them deal with the problems identified.

Equality & diversity

The School embraces young people from all faith backgrounds, including those of no particular faith. A large emphasis is placed on inclusivity and celebrating diversity within the student body. This diversity is celebrated weekly in our 'Monday Live' session. We also cater for the diet, religious and cultural beliefs of each student.