Religion and Spirituality

"Pupils show an inspiring determination to succeed". OFSTED report, January 2018

Treloar School aims to be a place where every student can be supported holistically; in mind, body and spirit.

The School embraces young people from all faith backgrounds, including those of no particular faith. A large emphasis is placed on inclusivity and celebrating diversity within the student-body. A prayer/mindfulness list has been created which the Chaplain and other staff use to pray/think around the School and College and local community throughout each month. The School also has its own prayer.

The School has a Christian foundation, and employs a Chaplain part-time as a resource for the students. The Chaplain leads assemblies and end-of-term services, celebrating the great Christian festivals, and raising awareness of the major festivals celebrated by other faiths. The Chaplain is available to talk to students individually, and also holds regular services in the School and in the College Chapel which students can attend on a voluntary basis. Each year there is an opportunity for students to be baptised and confirmed, for which the Chaplain offers preparation classes.

To read about our Chaplain, please click here.