Securing Funding

Funding a place at Treloar School

Treloar's is a non-maintained special school. Every student fee is different - our fees vary according to the level of support and specialist equipment you child needs. The fee is determined at interview and is reviewed every year, or more frequently if there is a change in support requirements.

Your home local authority (LA) Education Department generally pays the fee, sometimes with support from the Children's Services' social care department. If your child has significant medical needs, the LA may also involve the Primary Care Trust (PCT). A small number of students are independently funded, including some from overseas – usually paid for through a trust fund or legal settlement.

If you live in the UK, your local authority is responsible for your child's education. If you are interested in taking up a place offered by Treloar's, contact your LA Children's Services Placement Officer to discuss the matter with them.

Sometimes your LA may wish to share the cost of a place with the local PCT, Or they may offer your child a place at another school instead. Please keep Treloar's informed about these developments. Unfortunately we can't guarantee your place until funding is confirmed.

International students are privately funded and we will give you details of fees folllowing the interview.

Resolving any issues

We understand how difficult and stressful it can be to find and secure the right schooling for your child. We are here to help with a sympathetic ear and to share the vast experience we have amassed - such as how to work to your LA guidelines - and enable you to make the best informed decision.

We are frequently asked by parents about the availability of advice and support when your child's needs are not being fully met in their current placement. Our student admissions team can put you in touch with a service that gives advice on statements, appeals and tribunals.