From 5 ‐16 years

An individual approach from the start

Our experienced multi-disciplinary teams adopt a child-centered approach to identify the requirements of individuals. When a student joins us we place great emphasis on getting to know their individual needs so we can put together the right package of learning support and involve the most appropriate staff in their care and education from the very start.

The opportunity to achieve

All of our teachers have experience in special education as well as in their own areas of specialisation. They work in collaboration with colleagues from a wide range of disciplines including care and medical staff, therapists and psychologists.

This highly skilled and dedicated team, supported by state-of-the-art equipment, provides students with the bespoke care and unique educational package that will help them learn and develop.

National curriculum requirements

We follow the national curriculum but modify elements of it in cases where it would be inaccessible as it stands. Students' academic attainment ranges from Performance (P) Levels through to GCSEs with a significant proportion going on to further education, either directly or via our Post-16 provision. This includes the standard element required for Religious Education and Sex and Relationship Education as appropriate for each age group. We do however respect that parents may wish to withdraw their children from some sessions.

Our offer fully integrates our core ethos of equality and diversity for all. We have a multi-faith ethos which has grown from and alongside our Christian foundation. As an organisation we are open to all and meet the needs of different faiths for both students and staff.

Towards independence

As students progress through the school they are given the opportunities to extend their independence within a controlled and supported environment. This work is undertaken as part of the curriculum in the class but is also extended to all elements of life at school and beyond through the use of community skills exercises.

"Our aim is to enable students; to equip them with the confidence, as well as the skills to achieve - without encouraging dependency".