Art - WJEC Creative Pathways

Through a variety of creative and artistic activities, the course will seek to provide educational opportunities which will develop the student’s abilities to:

  • experience making things and learning to be creative
  • recognise the importance of intuitive ways of working
  • use a visual vocabulary (such as colour, line, tone, pattern, texture etc.)
  • use a wide range of media to discover and record the everyday world
  • develop a visual mode of communication, including the ability to recognise, understand and use the properties of shape, position, movement and measure primarily through manipulating form and volume
  • develop a range of concepts, attitudes, skills and knowledge within and beyond the subject of Art & Design
  • experience and develop self-awareness and identity
  • experience and develop practical and critical responses to the work of other art and craft practitioners.

Assessment Objectives:

Students will be encouraged and supported to demonstrate the ability to:

  • inform and practically develop their own work and interests in art, craft, and design through comparing their own work, and responding to the work of others, from various places and times
  • experiment and demonstrate practical skills with materials, techniques and tools
  • Collect and organise reference materials and resources to develop ideas and themes; investigate ways of exploring ideas and feelings through materials, techniques and processes; and recording from direct experience, observation, memory and imagination, through investigating the natural and man- made environment.

Photographs of student work in their chosen creative areas are submitted after two years to the WJEC for moderation. There is no final timed assessment. Students must be able to complete work unaided, directing an assistant to complete work is not allowed. Work can be assessed at Entry Level 2 or 3 as appropriate to the individual candidate. If students are unable to complete written and practical work without support then they can access a Trinity College Arts Award qualification.