English Key Stage 3 - Modified National Curriculum

Students continue to develop their skills in communication, reading and writing throughout their English curriculum at Key Stage 3. This curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, modified and differentiated as appropriate to match student need, ability and interest. Students spend time on a variety of quality texts, including both fiction and non-fiction. There is the flexibility to also look at other ideas and texts, selected for their cross-curricular links or from interest shown by students in the group. English and Literacy are timetabled as discrete lessons every week. There is also however, an important focus on these skills across the waking day curriculum.

Students are challenged and supported in developing their skills in communication, reading and writing. We will study and enjoy a variety of literary texts in order to:

  • Appreciate a range of creative texts
  • Develop speaking and listening skills through discussion
  • Become more confident in writing stories

We will also focus on reading and producing non-fiction texts, in order to become confident in:

  • Summarising the key points of a text
  • Understanding how the language and layout of a text is matched to its purpose and audience
  • Understanding the structure of a text

Across all units we develop and reinforce skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue their independent reading in Literacy lessons.