English - Primary

Focus will be given to:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Composition
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

Communication skills take high priority as it is the foundation for all Literacy. Therefore these skills will take precedence in all lessons. Whilst developing vocabulary across the whole curriculum, functional use of core vocabulary available in communication books and AAC devices is essential.Our aim is to promote high standards of functional Literacy and to develop student’s love of literature through wide range of text. Texts will be chosen for a range of tasks and purposes and therefore may be presented at a range of levels. Lessons will be delivered both discreetly and integrated into the school day to ensure that key skills are developed and reinforced across the curriculum. Teaching and learning will be fully differentiated according to their learning styles and access requirements.

Students requiring a structured reading programme follow the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ scheme. Within these sessions students will work on a structured programme to develop phonological skills, where appropriate, reading and spelling strategies,comprehension skills, high frequency word learning and information retrieval skills. They will secure the reading and spelling of words building on their previous learning. They will be challenged to use phonological, contextual and graphic knowledge to work out, predict and check the meaning of unfamiliar words. Through discussion they will compare story themes and settings,describe characters and express their views. They will retell stories through role play.Opportunities are provided for individual and supported reading sessions. A reading book and record will be sent home every day.

Writing will be taught using a range of strategies, depending on individual student needs and may include mark making, software such as ‘clicker’, scribes and selecting and ordering written vocabulary or symbols.

Yearly Assessments in reading are completed using ‘All Wales Reading Test’, teacher assessment or the Core Symbol Assessment as appropriate to the individual student’s needs.