Maths Primary

We will be focusing on the following strands of Mathematics:

  • Counting, number concept and estimation
  • Reading, writing and ordering numbers
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Measure and shape
  • Fractions and time
  • Money
  • Data handling

These are presented as a variety of practical tasks involving everyday life skills and provide students with independent and group related tasks of an investigative nature.

Concrete apparatus, real objects and equipment are used to teach maths. This includes Numicon, which is a graphic representation of number, number bonds, patterns and a visual comparison of number. All learning will be fully differentiated and personalised.

Numeracy is taught in the form of timetabled lessons as well as integrated into their whole day to ensure that key skills are developed and reinforced across the curriculum. Specific vocabulary will be pre-taught. The student’s understanding and mastery of each step is very important. Progress will be enhanced by this step by step approach. However, it may be that a student does not demonstrate understanding of a strand of work and this may be returned to at a later date and the learning of another more engaging area is commenced.

Formative assessments will take place throughout lessons and a summative assessment will take place at the beginning and end of each year. Our aim is to ensure that the students:

  • Develop confidence with whole numbers and counting
  • Work towards independence
  • Count fluently
  • Solve practical and real life problems