Music Key Stages 2/3 - Curriculum

Students receive an hour and a half of music class teaching per week. They will develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding through listening, composing and performing music. Students will learn to control sounds through singing and playing.

  • Performing skills; create and develop musical ideas.
  • Composing skills; respond and review music.
  • Appraising skills, listening skills and applying knowledge and understanding.

Students will be able to try out a variety of instruments from xylophones to Soundbeam switches, and ICT from Boardmaker to Sibelius 7. There are cross-curricular links made to support other subject teaching. Emphasis will be on enjoyment and developing students’ own interests and skills with an aim to provide a life-long interest and love of music.
Students will be able to take part in extra-curricular activities such as bell ringing and school choir. They will also have the opportunity to perform in music assemblies, end of term concerts and our bi-annual musical productions. As part of their musical education students will hear, see and take part in musical workshops from visiting professionals. There are opportunities to undertake individual instrument lessons in singing, keyboard, drums and guitar.