PE - OCR GCSE Course

This is a two-year course and is followed by students who have a particular interest in Sports. The course provides students with exciting opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by choosing from a variety of roles and activities in which to participate in physical activity. The content is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of sport and is broken into three units:

Applied anatomy and physiology
Physical Training (written exam) 30%

Socio-cultural influences
Sports Psychology
Health fitness and Well-being (written exam) 30%

Practical Activity Assessment
Evaluating and Analysing Performance 40%

The written exam papers are sat at the end of the course and are each 1 hour long. Students will be assessed in three sports of their choice for the practical assessment, one which is an ‘individual’ sport, one which is a ‘team’ sport, and a third one can be either ‘individual’ or ‘team’.