PE - Boccia Skills Award

The Boccia Skills Awards aims to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required in the sport of Boccia. The course has been designed to develop participants through three stages of awards; White, Red and Blue, with increasing difficulty of task. Students will need to show a consistent level of each task before they can be ticked off, and will need to complete all tasks before they can be awarded a certificate.

Examples of tasks which students will have to perform are:

  • White: Propel a Boccia ball to stop within a circle of 1m radius around an object
  • Red: Propel two consecutive balls between two cones that are spaced 1 metre apart and at a minimum distance of 1.5 metres away from the player.
  • Blue: Place a football/weight ball 3 metres away. Propel 5 balls to move the large ball over at least 1 metre.

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