PE - Sports Leaders Award Level 1

The Sports Leaders Level 1 is a one-year course and is followed by students who have completed GCSE PE or have a particular interest in Sport. Students who take this course must be prepared to stand in front of their peers and lead a session as this is a requirement of the course. Students are expected to complete a work booklet and demonstrate leadership for one hour. The course has two mandatory units which include:

Unit 1- Establishing leadership skills

Unit 2- Plan, assist in leading and review sport/physical activity sessions

Students gain various life skills from sports leaders such as time management, organisational skills, communication, confidence, team work, planning and analytical skills. There will be elements of theory work as well as practical work, as students will need to plan lessons prior to delivering them.

This course will also use participants from local primary schools, secondary schools and colleges, which will allow our students to socialise with the community. Once the level one is completed students are encouraged to enrol onto the level 2 sports leaders course to allow them to progress further.