PE - TFE Unit Award Scheme

The Unit Award Scheme gives students the opportunity to perform in a number of practical situations, enabling them to adopt a variety of roles to suit their individual needs. Sports covered include Boccia, Table Cricket, Polybat, Swimming, Rounders and Athletics.Our PE specification enables students to make informed decisions about their own or others' performance, suggesting ways in which it could be improved. This enables students the choice to choose what sports they would like to work towards receiving a certificate in, so that PE is personalised to each individual. Once a certificate in that Sport is achieved then students can move onto the next sport.
Students have one lesson per week as well as extra-curricular activities.

Students also have a swimming lesson each week where they develop skills and understanding in competitive swimming, gaining independence, technique and survival skills.

Each student will have access to the following areas of the PE National curriculum, adapted to suit the needs of the individual or group - Athletics, Games, including net, invasive, target and striking/ fielding games, Outdoor and Adventurous activities, and sometimes dance or wheelchair skills. They will also be given the opportunity to obtain certificates as part of the Unit Award Scheme (see link).