PSHE Key Stage 4 - Entry Level/GCSE

Classes follow modules from the AQA QCF Award and Certificate in Personal and Social Education (5800)

Entry Level students are taught modules for accreditation at one (or more) of Entry 1, Entry 2 & Entry 3 depending on their ability. GCSE Students are taught the modules at either Level 1 or Level 2 at the teacher’s discretion, but this is not accredited.

All students are taught these modules:

Drugs Education (year 11): Covering use and misuse of legal drugs (esp alcohol and nicotine) and the laws regarding illegal drugs

Sex and Relationship Education (year 11): Covering relationships, parenting, sexual reproduction and birth, contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Emotional Wellbeing (year 10): Covering emotions, stress, peer pressure, bulling, prejudice, equal opportunities, mental illness

Healthy Lifestyles (year 10): Covering diet, exercise, eating disorders, physical wellbeing, DRABC rule, making choices

Being a Critical Consumer (year 10 or 11) – in 2016/2017 both years are doing this module: Covering impulse buying, shopping around, selling strategies, price comparisons, consumer help, credit and debit cards, right to refund

In additional students may be taught the following modules if time permits:

Personal Safety covering identifying dangers, personal responsibility, e-safety, organisations

Introduction to Diversity, Prejudice and Discrimination covering prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes and social cohesion

Also, Entry Level students will do Work Related Learning which covers the following areas:

Maintaining work standards, Exploring job opportunities, Learning through work experience, Customer Service, Health and safety in the workplace, Planning and reviewing learning, Rights and responsibilities in the workplace, Working with others