Science Key Stage 4 - GCSE

It is currently proposed that the GCSE course offered to students is the OCR Combined Science B 21st Century J260 specification. This course is a the updated specification following on from the OCR GCSE Science A J241 course recently studied at the School. This will be reviewed prior to any new class entering the GCSE Course. Key structural features of the new GCSEs (which started being taught from September 2016):

  • Linear GCSEs with assessment at the end of the two-year course in June
  • Tiering in certain subjects such as Science
  • Assessment predominantly by external exam only
  • A new 9-1 grading system (9 = top level)

Combined Science B (Twenty First Century Science)

Learners study biology, chemistry and physics using a narrative-based approach. Ideas are introduced within relevant and interesting settings which help learners to anchor their conceptual knowledge of the range of scientific topics required at GCSE level. Practical skills are embedded within the specification and learners are expected to carry out practical work in preparation for a written examination that will specifically test these skills. Combined Science B (Twenty First Century Science) has been developed with the University of York. GCSE study in Combined Science provides the foundation for understanding the material world. Scientific understanding is changing our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity, and all learners should be taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, process and uses of science. They should be helped to appreciate how the complex and diverse phenomena of the natural world can be described in terms of a small number of key ideas relating to the sciences which are both inter-linked, and are of universal application.