Transition to Further Education

This foundation learning qualification is accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and is available at Entry Level 1, 2 and 3. It offers a large number of 'bite-sized' units across a broad range of skill areas.

This flexible framework provides many opportunities to build a truly personalised learning programme. This course is particularly relevant to students with a 'spiky profile' who can achieve certification in different units at different levels.

Admission criteria

All students applying to this course must have followed an entry-level curriculum through Key Stage 4 at school.


The curriculum focuses on the skills that will be required in everyday life as students look forward to adulthood. Its core modules include: Environment and Community; Home Management; Communication; ICT; Personal Skills; Numeracy; World of Work.

We also offer additional modules in: Horticulture; Media; Design & Technology; Performing Arts; Arts and Crafts.

All students follow accredited courses in the functional skills of Maths and English at an appropriate level between Entry Level One and Level One. All students have the opportunity to work towards a Sports Leader's Award and an Arts Award in Music. The students work alongside the South Downs National Park Authority to attain the John Muir Environmental Studies Award. For those students who consistently demonstrate skills at Level One we offer a bespoke curriculum which will challenge them at this level.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our Multi-Disciplinary Approach is long-established and is a fundamental part of our Sixth Form offer for every student. The core of our offer focuses on the input of our occupational and speech and language therapists to develop independent living and community skills. Each student is assigned named members of staff from our multi-disciplinary team, who provide training to the learning support and residential staff on specific aspects of a student's needs to ensure consistency across our provision.

"children make excellent progress as a result of the support they receive at this exceptional school. The staff have comprehensive knowledge of the children, developed through multi-agency working. Multi-agency working in this school is more than a meeting, it is an embedded culture". OFSTED report, March 2018