Sport & Enrichment

"Members of staff actively explore ways in which any barriers can be overcome so that students have excellent opportunities to take part in challenging and stimulating activities which increase their confidence and self-worth". OFSTED report, 2017

Living life to the full

At Treloar's we know that a good all-around education goes way beyond the classroom. Young people need to have lots of opportunities to pursue other interests, to relax and to socialise with their peers so we offer regular educational excursions plus a broad range of extra-curricular recreational, social and physical activities, both on campus and off-site.

For residential students we also offer a range of off-campus trips at weekends for shopping, to see sports events or join in local community events.


Students access music through the curriculum using accessible instruments and software; many also choose to take individual tuition where they show a particular talent or interest. Students perform both locally and at high profile venues.

Art and photography

Learners have access to equipment they can easily manipulate and experiment with through our art and photography studios. Students are regular exhibitors at local galleries and community events where their work regularly wins awards.

Drama and dance

We have a fully equipped hall with lighting and staging for productions with full accessibility built-in for all students and visiting professionals. As well as regular productions we invite dance and theatre groups to work with students and to progress their achievements in these areas.

Educational trips

We use our minibuses to regularly take the students off-site to support and enhance their educational experience. In addition we provide a residential trip to Key Stage Four students to an outdoor activity centre where students can work on their self confidence and team skills.


Students take part actively in sports, either through their curriculum or in social clubs, and many excel in their chosen sport including boccia, athletics, swimming, new-age kurling or archery.

Treloar's teams annually attend both regional and national championships and return each year with a healthy complement of medals.

We are very proud of the success of current and former students at both national and international competitions including the Paralympics.

Treloar's School receive an Education Funding Agency grant of £2,500 for the provision of PE and Sports in 2015/2016. This fund will be used to pay for the refurbishment and replacement of sports wheelchairs for our students. These special wheelchairs enable our students to participate in activities such as football and basketball which would not be possible in their own chairs, most of which are powered. We also use these chairs to show able bodied students from other schools what it is like to play wheelchair sports. The program of refurbishment and replacement is ongoing due to the contact made during many of the sports for which the equipment is used.

Enrichment activities

The range of activities open to students through the week during the afternoons and evenings includes wheelchair hockey, kayaking, choir, iPad club, arts & crafts and youth club. Each activity is supported by trained staff and all activities are reviewed on a regular basis.