Lilian and Jess

Two year old twins Lilian and Jessica were born prematurely; both of the girls have Cerebral Palsy, however Jessica is affected more than Lilian. Lilian’s passion is the outdoors and the colour purple, whereas Jess loves nothing more than having a book read to her – in particular Owl and the Star and Over in the Meadow. Both adore having their older sister Kaitlyn join them at their nursery sessions when they have family days.

The twins had been going to a childminder since they were small and mum Caroline, a physiotherapist, was looking for a nursery with therapeutic support for Jess. She found Treloar’s Early Years Programme of BELONG and Treloar Nursery and, after attending a trial session with Jess, signed her up to start in September 2014. What originally appealed to her about Treloar’s was the extensive training staff have in therapeutic handling.

After an unsettled start for Jess, Lilian joined her at the nursery, which not only helped Jess but also gave Lilian access to the therapeutic input she needed. Since attending the nursery Lilian has progressed from using a walking frame to now being able to walk independently.

The skills of the Early Years team means that Jess and Lilian are able to participate in activities that would otherwise be extremely difficult for them to do. The team’s experience in correct positioning and handling minimises the potential complications that can occur with children with cerebral palsy. The nursery has given them, and in particular Jess, the opportunity to have access to Treloar’s specialists, to meet more people, to experience new environments and to practice with a variety of equipment such as walking frames in a safe and correct way.

The future looks brighter for both girls because of the therapeutic input given to them at their BELONG and Treloar Nursery sessions. The input delivered by the professionals at Treloar’s has allowed Jess and Lilian to take significant developmental steps forward which will give them more of a chance in the future to reach their potential. Their extended family have felt involved in their development though hearing about the sessions and the weekly photos sent home and will be able to engage more in their future progress by understanding and utilising the support they have received here at Treloar’s.