Technology Hub

"Pupils achieve or exceed challenging targets and they learn to apply new skills effectively....They are...encouraged by skilled staff who strive consistently to ensure that pupils are well prepared for life beyond school". OFSTED report, January 2018

Technology has the potential to enrich both the lives and the learning of our students; Treloar's has a commitment that every learner will have access to appropriate technology to enhance and support their education and independence.

Staff in the Technology Hub are constantly researching new, effective ways to use technology to mitigate the disabilities of our students; we have embraced tablet technology at Treloar's and are trialling environmental controls in one of our residential houses. In addition we are researching the potential of using emerging technologies such as Google Glass and electroencephalography.

With a diverse team of technology staff we can improve the quality of a student's life by applying technology to a challenge a student may face, whether that's related to computing, communications, wheelchair mobility, seating, or sport and leisure. Our team devises, sources, adapts or manufactures solutions to improve students' independence and to help them engage effectively in their education and take part in daily activities.

Assistive Technology solutions can be high or low-tech e.g. providing a bespoke headrest for a wheelchair seat, adapting a keyboard and joystick for a computer. Treloar's endeavour to harness cost effective technology where possible so that solutions can be easily replicated when students leave.