Sensory Support

Extra support for students with visual or hearing difficulties

As well as a physical impairment, some of our students have visual or hearing difficulties. We do everything we can to make sure these children don't face additional challenges, and can participate fully in school life.

Support for students with a visual impairment

Our visual impairment adviser (who is also a state registered orthoptist) works on-site one or two days a week. This service includes:

  • Visual assessments including: helping students understand their impairment and work out ways to manage it
  • Provision of low vision aids (such as magnification systems and reading scanners), or adaptation of computers
  • Liaison with external ophthalmologists, other ophthalmic specialists and the School's Health Centre staff on behalf of a particular student

Support for students with a hearing impairment

We also have a communication support specialist who works as part of our Speech and Language Therapy team. This service includes:

  • Maintaining and checking hearing aid equipment
  • Liaising with Teachers of the Deaf where necessary
  • Support with appointments to the North Hampshire Audiology department (with whom we have close links) where required
  • Deaf-awareness training for staff