Commitment to Excellence Awards

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Treloar Trust always aims to enable education through delivering the highest quality services.

Through the ‘Commit to Excellence Awards’ we would like to recognise the hard work and contribution of our staff and to use this to publicly say thank you.

As a member of public we would welcome your nomination of a member of our staff.

As a member of staff or student you are welcome to nominate a Treloar Trust colleague.

Working Together

This award recognises those that create and promote a culture of openness, honesty, sharing and learning, by being a great team player, taking individual accountability, being an effective communicator and celebrating our achievements.

II. Embracing continuous self and team improvement

This award recognises individuals or teams who have developed and implemented an innovative idea in education, technology, care or finance with the potential to make a contribution or change to improving our effectiveness, efficiency or changes in practice.

III. Acting with Integrity

This award is looking to reward individuals or teams who have exceeded student/stakeholder expectations making their experience of Treloar's more memorable.

IV. Respecting Diversity and each other

This award recognises individuals or teams who demonstrate by their own actions that they have changed or inspired others to promote equality and inclusion within Treloar's or with our stakeholders.

V. Commitment to delivering excellent services

This award recognises individuals or teams who set a high standard of excellence in all that they do, and really take responsibility and positive action to improve the quality of service we deliver to our students and stakeholders on a continuous basis.

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