Volunteer Stories

Emre's Story

Joining us from Turkey, Emre spent an academic year as a Residential Treloar's Volunteer in our College. With his main focus in the Art Classroom, Emre helped develop students' creativity and imagination while supporting their learning activities. Emre also volunteered to support a number of social and sporting activities throughout the year adding to his overall experience.

In his own words: "Volunteering at Treloar's was the most bestest experience I have ever had in my life. This may not grammatically correct, but it is the most appropriate and best possible way to explain this amazing experience!"
Emre, Residential Volunteer 2012-2013

Joao's Story

Volunteering at Treloar’s has been a unique experience for me. When I arrived everyone was very welcoming, and throughout the first few weeks I felt very well accommodated while I was adapting to the everyday rhythm. The students were great and I really felt part of the team. I learned a lot during my stay, their training is very comprehensive and it really gives you a new perspective on disability. I had fun and felt very involved in the students’ education (I was volunteering in the school).

I liked it a lot, and the atmosphere is great, so I decided to stay and apply for a job. I am now working as a member of staff and very happy in my role.
Joao, Residential Volunteer 2013-2014