Help us by hosting a Tea for Treloar’s party this year.

Every year, over 160 amazing young people come to Treloar's to live and learn. All our students receive baseline funding from their local authorities but we have to raise around £2million to give them the extra opportunities, equipment and facilities they need to unlock their potential and give them a chance at a more independent life.

This is what makes Treloar's special, gives our students maximum independence and also the confidence to make the most of what life has to offer them.

We need your help to raise this money, and what better way can there be than with a lovely cup of tea!

You can make your tea party as simple or as elaborate as you like - there are plenty of details in our pack to get you started. Just choose a time and place, invite your friends and to help our students be the best that they can be.

Order your pack today and we will send you information on running an event, posters, recipes, balloons and lots more.

As Wind in the Willows author Kenneth Graham said, “Come along inside…..We’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place”, and we hope that with your help we can continue to help change lives and prepare our students for adult life.

Either download your pack and posters or email us, say hello and and we will send a full pack in the post.

Download your Tea for Treloar's pack now!

For further information or to order your Tea for Treloar’s pack, please email or call 01420 547 469.